Privacy Policy

What data we store and what we do with it. Birdfeeder tries to keep as little information on users as possible.

Personal Data

These are data points that are tied to a specific user

We currently store the following data points for each user. This is necessary to fetch the user information from Twitter.

  • Email
  • Twitter User ID
  • Twitter Username
  • Twitter Name
  • Twitter Bio
  • Information about each bookmarked Tweet as received from Twitter

All data is stored on servers in the EU. This means EU laws and GDPR apply to protect your personal information.

Third Party Services

These are services that we use to provide basic functionality

  • Plausible Analytics, a privacy focused analytics server that is GDPR compatible
  • Crisp (Support Chat Widget)
  • Postmark (Email Provider)
  • AppSignal (Alerting and error reporting)

Account Deletion

We will remove all your information on request

Let us know via email if you want your account information to be removed. This will include everything related to your account, your bookmarks and we won't be able to restore your account after that.